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Ojukan Judo practices at the Oregon National Guard Amory in Hillsboro, Oregon.  The armory is adjacent to the Washington County fairgrounds complex, near the Hillsboro airport.  When you visit (visitors are always welcome!), drive around to the back entrance on the East side of the building; the side nearest the fair grounds.  Come in through the back door.    
NOTE: 28th cannot be entered from Cornell.  You have to drive around (head South on 25th from Cornell) and come back up 28th from the South side of the split in the road.  Don't worry about getting lost.  Give yourself 5 extra minutes the 1st time.  If you prefer land-marks, just head for the Honda motorcycle dealership.  The armory doesn't stand out well from a visual perspective, but nobody misses the Honda dealership.


Oregon National Guard Armory (Hillsboro)
848 NE 28th ave
Hillsboro, Oregon 97123
United States 
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Oregon National Guard Armory

From the back door, which is how you enter.  NOTE: we're across the street from the Honda dealer.

If you find this door, you've found us.  East side of building.  Come on in!